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Obscure Objects Explained.

Below you will find the description of this cheese grater, which was sold out of my recent illustrated online-only catalog, Occasional List 12. Bear with me. 12. [Obscure Object]. Stainless steel Inox-brand cheese grater rescued from the recycling cart of … Continue reading

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Build a better fly-trap.

The stark warning of the propaganda cartoon in a 1916 issue of the Chicago Board of Health’s bulletin Clean Living was clear enough, showing as it did a householder putting screens up on his window mere moments in advance of … Continue reading

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And suddenly the memory revealed itself.

I don’t usually follow the market in contemporary children’s books (and its sundry related material) with anything that might be construed by the unwary observer as attention, but the news at last reached me today (via Daddy Types) that an … Continue reading

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