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Publish and perish; or, the hazards of a certain peculiar strain of the children’s book trade.

Much has been made of late about the fact that the Internet is killing off the traditional publishing business (and of course its hapless trade cousin, the book store). I would suggest that the publication and peddling of books has … Continue reading

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From our ongoing project of noting library public photos.

It appears that in some ways a bookseller’s packing room can take on the aspect of a library’s work of art.

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On the market value of a happy national inclination toward sottishness.

What, we ask with a suitably stem-winding rhetorical flourish, is perhaps the lengthiest thread to run its crooked course through the rich tapestry that is our Grand Republic? One would do worse than to claim for this place in the … Continue reading

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What rhymes with “Finger-Spitzengefuehl”?

Rostenberg and Stern — the musical! I decided to make this story a musical because I’ve known Madeleine and Leona for well over 20 years and I’ve always felt that their story was a story for our time. (Here’s more … Continue reading

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