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Then I was struck with the happy thought that a bookselling blog may in fact be inherently flawed and doomed to failure.

Booksellers as a group (he says, gesturing expansively) exhibit a strange combination of hail-fellow, well-met collegiality and knives-drawn competitiveness. I blush to admit that as a bookseller I can appreciate the impulse to hoard information (the identity of a particularly … Continue reading

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On the inherent depravity of postlapsarian bibliopolic endeavors.

So there may be a problem with “wide-spread” shill bidding on eBay. The problem may need the ministrations of academic research to correct. Or reports of the problem may be seriously overblown. In any case, those participating in auctions (whether … Continue reading

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Heritage Book Shop, Inc.: Finely Bound Sets.

Or for those who insist on larding their posts with filmic allusion, “My God, it’s full of morocco!” My eye was caught by item 86, Albert Cohn’s own set of The Comic Almanack (1835-1853), here priced $9,500. 379 sets, from … Continue reading

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And don’t get me started on Gerrit Smith.

So I noticed that a little something signed by A. Lincoln made some big money last year. The 13th Amendment is all very well and good, though not necessarily the kind of material one is apt to find on the … Continue reading

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