Bookworm & Silverfish, Catalog 582.

206 items, in the Bookworm & Silverfish broadsheet format. Much of Mr. Presgraves’ usual assortment of old sheet music (including a lot of 13 pieces of ante-fire Chicago sheet music, 1857-1869, priced $650 for the batch), as well as miscellaneous historical and literary material. Includes Lian Hsin’s Red Women’s Detachment (Peking, 1966), a nice piece of ersatz feminist political propaganda, priced $14.50. And, as an example of the sort of indeterminacy inherent in the pull between the historical research necessary to produce a catalogue description and the resources available to a bookseller given that he needs to make profitable use of his time (a common dilemma around this bookselling concern), one finds item 99, two interesting photos from a 1908 Labor Day celebration in Weir, Kansas, showing the UMWA float. “Question: United Mine Workers of Amer. or United Mineral Workers of Amer.? Alas, Weir, Kansas has disappeared from recent atlases. For the pair . . . $350.”

Contact Bookworm & Silverfish (Mr. Jim Presgraves, prop.), PO Box 639, Wytheville, VA 24382. (276) 686-5813.

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